There was something for Angular lovers, time for React Developers. In June 2022, you can join the seventh edition of ReactNext – the largest in Israel and one of the best React conferences in the Middle East. Because of the COVID-19, in 2022 it has also changed to an online event and it gives people from all over the world the opportunity to join it. Andreas is a core developer on Onsen UI, an Angular based mobile app framework. FullStackHack is a weekend-long hackathon for attendees of FullStack 2015. We’ve all been sold the tale that with one codebase we can support almost any platform you can imagine.

  • Free access to premium services like Tuneln, Mubi and more.
  • Formerly a physicist working on the JET nuclear fusion research project, Peter has been co-founder and CTO of two companies prior to nearForm and holds degrees in theoretical physics and computer science.
  • As a result, the system had to create a project structure, a component/deployment model, from the ground up, which successfully allowed the system to be put into production.
  • You will learn how to implement an optimized, zero-conf, fault-tolerant, distributed scaling solution that plays extremely well with the microservices architecture.
  • This talk will provide you with some practical tactics to keep their microservice architectures healthy and performant.

Less how to use these practices, more how to select and use them effectively. The network is unreliable, has many moving parts, and it’s easy to end… Watch our star guests from FullStack and the tech community demonstrate their knowledge of the latest news in technology, software development and buzzwords in this new topical quiz show. With over 0b1000 rounds of questions, answers, caption competitions, missing words, the Worst Language In The… By using a real-time financial transactional system as an example, you will learn how to design, orchestrate and develop successfully service components driven by highly complex workflows.

These are in-person hosted workshops, usually free, in which work shoppers are used as curriculum and mentors help attendees work through the challenges. The browsers are fighting hard to tear down the benefits that native developers have relied on since the inception of mobile platforms. David has been coding, speaking and writing about Node.js since Node 0.4 and has worked with frontend JavaScript for 20 years. Of note among David’s open source contributions is Pino, the fastest Node.js logger available, esx a high throughput Server-Side-Renderering algorithm for React, and 0x a JavaScript stack profiling tool. Alex proposes using CSS selectors for choosing which devices you want to talk to. By using classes and IDs it’s possible to send a message to very specific sets of devices in a way that any Web developer can understand.

Commit to secure software; How developers can own their own security

Check out the Holiday Extras’ engineering blog Hungry Geek, here. Meet the Holiday Extras’ tech team at The Hungry Geek. Those in the industry have been working hard to sweeten the deal again – efforts have been made to bring WebRTC into the mainstream and as a result the technology is experiencing a rebirth. Thanks to those who have remained dedicated to improving the situation for those around them, WebRTC is finally starting to fulfil the original expectations that were had of it.

angular conferences 2015

His focus in IoTBU is on understanding the way developers using BLE will interact with the hardware and software platforms required to create a thriving industry around IoT. Some of the insight for this comes from his ongoing work as a co-founder of Makespace Cambridge, a community engineering workshop/Makerspace partially funded by ARM. Her technical interests range from graph databases to cloud services, and her experience supporting and evangelizing REST APIs has given her a unique perspective on developer success. In her copious free time she’s a gamer, fantasy reader, and all around rabble-rouser.

Attending it allows you to become a part of a community conference that provides unique content about the innovative tools and techniques in JavaScript. If these sessions were the meat though, the related events were the toppings. The events where very cognizant of their audience, and were conducive to networking. The party had an improv group, a pair of illusionists and the musician Kawahi, who had an amazing voice and talent. And on Saturday, those who were interested got to spend a beautiful day on the mountainous slopes of Snowbird.

Keynote – Present and Future of Angular

The department’s goal is to teach people everything they need to become a full-stack developer someday. He spends his time there working on health related web applications and maintaining the services they are hosted upon. He also blogs on occasion, and contributes a magazine article here and there.

  • This talk will cover building microservice-based infrastructures using HTTP JSON APIs.
  • While studying he developed his own computer games and taught students in the year below, so the Code for Life work builds on old hobbies for him.
  • You will utilize a number of technologies including node.js, Mqtt, docker and InfluxDB.
  • Additionally, Wyatt loves presenting about node.js related projects.

And in big enterprise systems, each design mistake costs a lot and is very difficult to refactor. Interfaces of enterprise systems used to be a thin layer, usually generated How can I start to learn Web Development on the server side, with very little logic and tons of copy-paste code. During the conference, both local and international experts will share their valuable experiences.

Have I Got Nodes For You: Pilot Episode

Take back an understanding of how to automate performance and load testing, and evaluate the impact it has on performance and your business. Scott McAllister has been building web applications in several industries for ov… An ng-conf ticket is not required to attend workshops. They allow the purchaser to attend a pre-conference, Wednesday-only training workshop.

  • You’ll put an end to ‘ease-in’ and its evil lethargy.
  • He’s a Microsoft MVP, and he regularly speaks at conferences and user groups all over the world.
  • He tries to be an active community member for node.js by helping find and fix bugs.
  • Learn how to evaluate performance and scalability on the server-side and the client-side with tools like Siege,, Bees with Machine Guns, Google PageSpeed, WBench, and more.
  • There he works on Skylight, the smart profiler for Rails, and does Ember.js consulting.

Angularday 2022 is happening in Verona and online on Friday, October 7th 2022. As a first-timer, you may be worried about crowds or being around lots of new people. Our team has created an environment where Developers of all disciplines and backgrounds feel welcome.

Bill is a SaaS specialist who has led technology teams and designed solutions fo… Cecelia Martinez is dedicated to building developer communities that are inclusi… I am a software architect with over 20 years experience leading, designing, and … On the day after the conference, Saturday October 8th, in the same venue, we are hosting a workshop on RxJS in Italian language .

Formerly a physicist working on the JET nuclear fusion research project, Peter has been co-founder and CTO of two companies prior to nearForm and holds degrees in theoretical physics and computer science. Peter is a contributor to several open source projects including nscale, a micro service deployment and monitoring tool kit and seneca a micro-services framework implemented in node.js. Based in Ireland, Peter has spoken and run workshops at many international conferences including, nodeConfEU, Node Summit, node day , DevOpsCon and JS Conf.

The Death of “Write Once, Run Everywhere”

I’m Jarel, a full stack developer from Auburn, AL. I’m married to my wife, … I am an engineer with 6 years of experience in React and various backend languag… Camille Kaniecki is an experienced front-end engineer working primarily with Vue… I’m a developer who advocates and evangelizes about interactive video streaming … Simon has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on a variet… Dustin Goodman is an engineer, tech speaker, and blogger with over 10 years of e…

angular conferences 2015

There were a few different demos, including a comparison of Angular and React working together, although with the speed increases in Angular 2.0, there may be no need to add React HTML Cheatsheet Learn web development MDN for performance reasons. Creator of Restangular, angular-jwt and other OSS projects. Please log into your Skills Matter member account in order to register for events.

The good and bad parts of the growing JavaScript code. During this presentation Joel will give you a brief introduction to the awesome world of NodeJs, Johnny-Five and The session will deliver an overview of a Kinect gesture detection library and how to connect it to a node-bot.

Douglas Starnes is a tech author and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in dev… Matt Brophy is a software developer born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelph… Ray Gesualdo is a full-stack JavaScript developer, speaker and mentor from Atlan… David is a family man, software developer, musician, illustrator, and Microsoft … During the workshop you will build and deploy your very first Angular Web Application.

Workshop: PM2 to manage your micro service app & Keymetrics to monitor them

Be inspired by the people and talks you’ll encounter. Images courtesy of ng-conf and Joe Eames, For more information about Angular, visit and for information about Angular v2.0, visit Angular has been very active with other open-source projects, emphasizing that cooperation is better than competition in their eyes. The Angular team has been working with the Microsoft Typescript team, and even integrated a bit of Ember into the new router.

This framework allows the developer to cover a wide range of unexpected new features and regulatory requirements, thus enabling the developer to respond quickly to any new requirements. The vibrant industry of gambling is characterized by regulators, certification authorities, and a never-ending chase for the feature that will grab the attention of the player. Slot games are a big part, or, rather, are the workhorses of the industry. Every slot game is slightly different, but delivering new products in a timely manner can prove challenging. In this talk, a careful analysis is made of the many byzantine ways in which message-oriented systems can fail. A set of remedial approaches is presented, and an empirical report on there effectiveness will also be made.

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